It's the best convention of the year!

Destination Venus is Harrogate's Independent Comic Store - established in 2005 we started life in the Westminster Arcade, Harrogate's only remaining Victorian Shopping Arcade, but can now be found hiding under the stairs at the Everyman Cinema.

We had big plans for Thought Bubble 2020. Regrettably 2020 had other ideas, so, we'll look forward to welcoming you to our mad little town in 2021. We'll do all the things we had planned for this year then - but even bigger, even louder and with even more fun. Do follow us on one (or all) of our Social Media feeds to keep in touch with everything we're doing throughout the year.

If  we  were standing behind our  table on the floor of the convention we'd be selling you all manner of back issues. We could do that on this page, but pretty much the only drawback to having a shop under the stairs in a cinema is that we can only get to the stock that we store there when the cinema is open. Normally this isn't a problem, the building opens at nine and rarely closes before midnight.


Normally. Of course, these are not normal times, we're locked down, and if you bought any of our back issues we wouldn't be able to post them until December, and we don't think that's really fair. (Titles listed for sale elsewhere are stored away from the shop and we can still get to them...) But to be honest, we never really want you to spend your Thought Bubble budget with us - we want you to support the creators behind all the other tables, and this online year is no different. There's over 300 incredibly talented people with virtual stores in the various digital halls. Go spend your money with them - maybe come back and see us when lockdown is over. 

So, this page isn't selling anything, just letting you know who we are, what we do and how to find us, as well as showcasing some of the Thought Bubble related things our Podcast "The Geeks at the Gates" has done over the years. We'll be adding more of our "Geeks at the Gates Thought Bubble Specials" through the whole of November, so keep checking back or search for The Geeks at the Gates wherever fine pods are casted.

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