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Comics for the Summer - More than Superheroes, but we've got them too! (Part One)

So, school's out and we're heading into August. What's good to take to read on the beach, or in the garden (or, let's be honest, sheltering from the rain...) this summer? Well, we're glad you asked, because we have some ideas for Graphic Novels and Trade paperbacks you should check out. We'll start with Jeff Lemire's Royal City. Lemire spins the ambitious and engrossing story about the Pike family from the small factory town of Royal City and the ghosts that haunt them. We follow Patrick Pike, a failing who reluctantly returns to the once-thriving factory town where he grew up. He's quickly drawn back into the dramas of his two adult siblings, his overbearing mother, and his browbeaten fathe

Small Press, Quiet Day.

What exactly is the "Small Press"? What is "Small Press Day"? Well. Explaining Small Press Day is easy. It's a day (as I write this, it's tomorrow) when comic shops around the UK and Ireland celebrate the Small Press. Which is fine, but that doesn't explain what the "Small Press" is - and that's a little bit more complicated. Because the Small Press Scene in the UK is, in a very real sense, the beating heart of the UK comics industry. If you read the UK press, you will be told that there really isn't much of a comics industry in the UK. You might read about 2000 AD, that venerable stalwart of British Comics that has survived against all odds and expectation beyond not only it's titular year,

The Strange Case of Batman #50, and other stories.

SPOILER ZONE! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR BATMAN #50! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Seriously. Last chance. If you're still reading I'm going to assume you don't care about spoilers, or you've read the issues in question. We cool? Sure? OK then. Well. That was a bit of a kerfuffle, wasn't it? DC have been building up to Batman and Catwoman's big day for some time now. There's been much discussion in the shop about whether the wedding would really happen, how being married would change the way Batman interacted with the world, and whether they'd just end up "fridging" Selina. Well, now we know. Selina was convinced not to go through with it, because she's seen w

Welcome to Destination Venus Online - Who we are and how we came to be...

Hello! Once upon a time we had an awesome website. We broke it. Pretty much beyond repair. So, this is a simpler version that I can just about get my head around. We'll be more careful this time. So. Who am I, and what is Destination Venus? Well. My name's Regie. I'm a life long comics nut, huge Batman nerd, total geek, former teacher and current owner of Destination Venus - Harrogate's finest (and, to be fair, only) independent comics store, named for the 1978 song "Destination Venus" by punk band The Rezillos. Desties was born on 1st September 2005, crammed into a tiny little unit at the back of the lovely Westminster Arcade. As it happens, I was the first customer through the door, and I

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