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The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Three: Costume Party (Part One)

Supergirl, Batgirl and The Red Hood have all had new costumes announced over the last couple of months and as ever with such things fan reaction has been mixed. 'Twas ever thus... Let's have a look at the latest entries into the comics wardrobe first of all. Take Supergirl's new threads, for example from this: To this: Now. Middle aged men like myself commenting on what young women like Kara Zor-El choose to wear is never a good look. At best we sound out of touch and condescending. At worst we sound downright creepy. So please, trust that I don't say this lightly. But what the hecking heck is she wearing now?! Did she get dressed in the dark?! It's not that the classic costume is perfect -

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Two: Fandoms

Whether it's actors being hounded off social media because some folks don't like that they've been given a role in a movie or TV show, or female creators getting harassed online for daring to be working in comics at all, "Fandom" has developed something of a toxic reputation. But it isn't always like that. Let me give you an example. As regular customers will know, I'm very old. Which means I remember a time when you couldn't just go online and meet other people who were into the same things you were into. We didn't even have email, let alone websites and stuff. So instead we had fanzines. In my late teens and early twenties I subscribed to a couple of these hand produced fan magazines, but

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue One: Stepping out.

We all know what we like, but there's a lot to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone. We all know what we like. We very easily identify ourselves as "More into Marvel than DC", or, "I'm into indie comics", or "I'm not really into Superheroes". And that's fine. For the record, I tend to think of myself as a DC guy, but in truth the only DC books I've been utterly loyal to over the years have been Batman and Detective Comics. Indeed, now I think about it, the bulk of comics I actually take home with me are from independents like Aftershock, Black Mask, Vault, and of course Image. Of course, I'm privileged these days. I own a comic store, a position that comes with many headaches and a

Comics for the Summer - More than Superheroes, but we've got them too! Part 3

Well, we promised you some superheroes, so I guess we'd better move on to the capes, the cowls and the powers... We'll stay away from the obvious characters though - partly on the grounds that you probably already know what you think about the likes of Batman, and Spider-Man, but mostly because there is just so much of the major characters out there we'd need a couple of posts for each of them to even scratch the surface. So we're going to introduce you to some of the super-types that you might not be so familiar with, starting with Scott MCloud's excellent Zot! Originally published by Eclipse Comics between 1984 and 1990, the series was conceived by McCloud as a more positive reaction to t

Comics for the Summer - More than Superheroes, but we've got them too! Part 2.

We're into August now and the good weather continues - so here are some more recommendations for you to read on the beach, or the Stray, or in your garden... Let's start with something for younger readers. Hilda and the Stone Forest is the latest in Luke Pearson's excellent series featuring the eponymous Hilda, the adventurous blue haired girl soon to have her own show on Netflix! Hilda is starting to shirk her responsibilities, spending her time looking for adventure… and her mother is starting to worry. But when she tries to stop Hilda sneaking off into the realm of the House Spirits Mother and Daughter find themselves far away in a dark forest - the land of Trolls! While trying to stop Hi

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