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The Wednesday Waffle (Friday Edition because we've been crazy busy) - Issue Five: It's a Co

Thought Bubble has been and gone for another year, and we thought we'd take some time to review what we regard as the absolute BEST comic convention in the UK... This is the second year that the weekend convention - the grand finale of what is in fact a week long festival of comics/sequential art/graphic narrative/whatever you want to call them - took up station in the centre of Leeds and it was every bit as glorious as last year. Previously the convention had been housed on the edge of the City Centre, partly in New Dock Hall, partly in the Royal Armories and partly in a massive marquee pitched between the two. This year the con lived inside the gigantic Comixology Marquee which dominated M

In Memorium - Terry Wiley

Today is a sad day, as a true pillar of the UK comics scene goes to his final rest. Terry Wiley was a mainstay of the British "Small Press" comics community for decades. I first met him in 1993, at that year's UK Comics Art Convention, when he and his then partner-in-comics Dave Mckinnon sold me several copies of their excellent surreal adventure series Sleaze Castle. Over the years we would meet at many other conventions and he would continue to sell me his creations, Pertera Etcetera, (co-created with Adrian Kermode and Dave Mckinnon), Surreal School Stories and latterly, the wonderful Verity Fair. When I took over at Destination Venus in 2016 Terry was one of the first people to get in to

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Four: Costume Party (Part Two)

Superhero costumes are a constant source of amusement and bemusement. So let's continue our exploration of the oddest clothes in comics. It's always difficult to know where to start, but I think Nightwing is as good a place as any. I mean, it's not as though poor old Dick Grayson got off to a good start in the costume stakes, given that as Robin he ran around dressed like this? Truly Robin's original costume stands as one of the very, very few male costumes that can give the daftest of the female ones a run for their money - from the pixie boots and the massive gloves to the fact that he's running around in speedos, it's a look that only got sillier as Grayson grew into his teens. So like mo

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