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The Wednesday Waffle: Issue Nine - Hammering Wars on the Table Top

Destination Venus is a comic shop. That's our core. That's our passion. But we're reasonably well rounded human beings, and even we like to try other things from time to time. So, when we got a phone call from Nottingham a couple of weeks ago, we took the first steps on a new path. On the other end of the line was Jo, a nice lady from Games Workshop, purveyors of all manner of tabletop gaming goodness since 1974. She explained that Games Workshop was interested in getting their products into comic stores, figuring that there was probably some overlap between comics readers and tabletop gamers.* Was I interested in stocking their products? Well. That was a question, wasn't it? I mean, the sho

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Eight: Wonder Women

Comics have a reputation for being a little - how shall we put this? - a little bit testosterone heavy. Many non-readers imagine comics to be little more than big men in spandex punching each other, and if we're honest that stereotype isn't entirely without foundation. But we also know that there's much more to comics than that, so this week we'll take a look at comics created by women, or that put their female characters in the lead roles, or both. Because I think we can all agree that any discussion about women in comics can only be enhanced by the opinions of another middle aged man.* But since I am a middle aged man, I'll kick off with the work of another middle aged bloke. Terry Moore h

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Seven: Pushing an Agenda

As we established last week, politics has always been a part of comics. So now, let's take a look at some of the comics currently available that tell stories from a political standpoint. Although before we start, a caveat. There is an issue of inherent bias in comics - and most areas of creative and artistic expression - that I think has probably always existed, and certainly exists today. The kind of people who dedicate their lives to such pursuits tend to lean to the left of the political centre, which means comics (and movies, and TV, and so-on, but comics in particular because they are such a maverick medium and they tend to attract rebels) also tends to be slightly left leaning. That's

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Six: A bit of Politics.

Politics in comics has become a bit of a "hot button" issue. "Keep politics out of comics!" cries one side, "Comics never used to be political!" "Nonsense!" Cries the other, "Comics have always been political!" Logic dictates both sides can't be right, so let's take a look, shall we? Of course there is also some disagreement about what counts as "politics in comics". I have, for example, seen some negative online comment about the Heroes in Crisis series which features a mental health facility for superheroes along the lines of "As if Batman needs a safe space - why is DC pushing this political agenda?" and confess it baffled me because I genuinely don't see what the "political agenda" woul

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