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The Wednesday Waffle: Issue Eleven - Ages.

We get asked a lot about whether a particular comic is "suitable" for a particular age group. It's a good question - to which we have no real answer. Here's why. If you're reading this it seems unlikely that you take the view that comics are just disposable nonsense for kids. As a comics retailer I know that most of our customers are over thirty - and as a comics reader I know that I'm now forty seven years old. If comics were just for kids, surely I'd have lost interest by now. But if you're reading this, then you're special. The vast majority of the public doesn't read comics, and has a very clear idea that they really are just aimed at children. And this can be a problem. Before we go any

In Memorium: Stan Lee

This is a hard one to write. Stan "The Man" Lee means so much to so many people. His passing at the age of ninety five marks the end of an era in comics. As I write this, on the evening of Monday 12th November every single one of my social media feeds is chock full of people telling their own personal Stan Lee stories, or just checking in with an "Excelsior". If you like comics even a little bit you know who Stan Lee was. You also have a pretty good idea what his achievements were. I'm going to tell you again anyway, because they were many and should be celebrated. But mostly I'm going to consider what Stan Lee meant - and continues to mean - to people. Because it is a lot. We knew we were

The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Ten: A declaration of Independents, Part One - Wired up Tea Shops

Comics are perhaps the most democratic medium of expression - bar none. All you need is an idea, a sheet of paper and a pencil and you too can be a comics creator. Of course, it's not quite as simple as that. It's true that literally anyone can make a comic, but if you want people to actually pay money to read your work you need to be genuinely good. In fact, you need to be better than the folks published by the mainstream companies because you don't have the economies of scale, so your work is likely to be more expensive, and you don't have brand recognition - everyone knows who Batman or Captain Marvel are, your really cool Ninja Ferret? Not so much. Nobody's looking for that, if folk are

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