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The Wednesday Waffle: Episode 15.2 - The 2018 Saucer Awards, Part 2.

Welcome back to The Wednesday Waffle! (Yes, we know it's Thursday. Cut us some slack. It's been a busy Holiday Season...) We've already had the results for the Best Major Publisher, Minor Publisher, Writer and Artist. Now, join us for the rest of the awards... The 2018 Saucer Award for Best Character. We were going to have separate awards for "Best Hero" and "Best Villain". But in the end we decided that we didn't want to be that binary - which category would Deadpool or Magneto fall into, for example? So we invited you to name the best character overall, and we ended up with thirteen nominations. Interestingly, none of the headline characters - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Spider-Man r

The Wednesday Waffle: Issue Fifteen - The Saucer Awards 2018!!!!!!!!!!!

We asked you, our loyal customers, to tell us what you thought were the best comics of 2018. Take a seat, grab your beverage of choice, and join us for the results of the 2018 Saucer Awards... You, our loyal and valued customers were invited to vote for who you considered to be the best Ongoing Series, the best Limited Series, the best Character, the best Writer, Artist, Major Publisher, and Minor Publisher was in 2018. Well, you have spoken, and these are the results. Drum roll please... Ladies and Gentlemen... The 2018 Saucer Award for best "Minor Publisher" We defined "Minor Publisher" as anyone who wasn't Marvel, DC, Image, or Dark Horse. You voted and decided the following... In third

The Geeks at the Gates Podcast: Episode 26 - Go into the Spiderverse

The Geeks (it was supposed to be loads of them, in the end it was Hat, Regie and new Geek Liz...) went to see Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse then immediately went back to the old shop to explain why you should too. Click the image below to go to the download page at SoundCloud, or find The Geeks at the Gates Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Full show notes below the image. Thanks for listening! OK - first note. Both Regie and Hat say that "old" Spider-Man was played by Nicholas Cage. Chalk it up to the fact that Regie is very old and they are both terrible with names. "Old" Peter Parker was played by Jake Johnson. Nic Cage played Spider-Noir. (And both of them missed the fact that "

The Wednesday Waffle, (Christmas Eve Edition, yes, we know we're nearly a week late...): Issue F

Yes, we're very late. What can we tell you, we're a High Street Retailer, and it's the week before Christmas. And believe us, we are so very very grateful to be so busy! Anyway, this is it. Another year over - how was it for you? Not gonna lie - for us it's been challenging. It's a tough time to be on the High Street, but with the support of you lot - our loyal and valued customers, and some other wonderful people (Everyman Cinema - we're looking at you!) we're still swinging! It's been a year of very high highs, and very low lows. The shop moved out of the Westminster Arcade, where it had been since Darren founded the place in 2005 and started Pottering about* under the stairs at the Everym

The Wednesday Waffle: Issue Thirteen - The Saucer Awards!

Ever since I took over the reins at Desties, I've been meaning to set up an "Oscars" style award. Well, now I have - voting is already underway for the inaugural "SAUCER AWARDS" - here's what they're all about and how you can have your say... The Saucer Awards are named for our flying saucer logo, and are voted on by our customers - click the logo on the left to go to the voting form before 11.59pm on 19th December 2018 to have your say! We're keeping it simple to get things started, asking you to tell us what you thought were the Best Ongoing Series, Best Limited Series, Best Major Publisher, Best Small Publisher, and who you thought were the Best Writer and Best Artist. So, why are we doin

Geeks at the Gates Podcast: Episode 25 - Jodie The Doctor, half term report

So, as we post this the last episode of Modern Who's eleventh series is about to air. The Geeks got together a week or so ago to discuss what they liked and didn't like about The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham's adventures from "The Woman who fell to Earth" to "Kablam!" Spoilers. They were (mostly) fans. Click the image to go to the download page over at SoundCloud, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts. Show notes follow below the image. Right. Well. We hate to do this to you, but Regie pointed out that incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall was head writer on Series One of Torchwood, and as such was responsible for the abomination that was Cyberwoman. Jack had mis

The Wednesday Waffle: Episode Twelve - Ages and Ages...

I found comics in the eighties - the era of "Dark Knight Returns", "Watchmen" and "Arkham Asylum". A time when Anglophone comics were keen to present themselves as "not just for kids". Which is great. But often people come into the shop specifically in search of comics which ARE for kids. We looked at a couple last week - here are a few more. And for once, there's an obvious place to start, because Marvel have just, in the last couple of weeks started on a rather innovative path. One of the differences between Marvel comics and Marvel animated shows is that the comics are burdened with decades of continuity baggage which can be confusing - especially to younger readers. The animated shows do

Geeks at the Gates Podcast: Episode 24 - Celebrating Stan

The Geeks at the Gates Podcast has been on hiatus pretty much since Destination Venus relocated. Well, now it's back with four of the regular Geeks - Regie, Hat, Jack and Steve, getting together to celebrate the life, genius and legacy of Stan Lee. Click the image below to go to the Soundcloud page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. It was good to get the old gang back together - and although the subject for discussion was somewhat sombre, we believe that the life of Stan Lee is to be celebrated, not mourned. This episode, like almost all previous episodes, was recorded in Unit 8, The Westminster Arcade - the old home of Destination

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