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"Viscerally disturbing...": The Geeks at the Gates - Episode 36

It's the second part of the discussion about the portrayal of women in comics between Regie, Hat and Alice. Click the image below to go to the download page at SoundCloud, or just subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts. All of the images discussed in this episode are to be found below the image. We spoke about this cover to Captain Marvel #3 We noted that the cover was - if not a direct homage, at least chanelling the classic "Rosie the Riveter" image. If you've not come across that before, here it is: For more on Rosie, follow any or all of these links: http://theconversation.com/how-one-rosie-the-riveter-poster-won-out-over-all-the-others-and-became-a-symbol-of-

How I learned to stop worrying and love Rob Liefeld - The Wednesday Waffle: Issue Thirty Five

Rob Liefeld is an incredibly popular but polarising artist. His fans adore him, his detractors (and for a long time, I was one one them) deride him as a no-talent hack with no understanding of anatomy. This is the story of why my attitude changed... I'm making a point of writing this week's waffle before I read Major X #1, because whether I love it or hate it (and to be fair, I'm not really an X-Men guy...) I don't want my view to be coloured by it. I can tell you that when the puclicity images were published the internet was somewhat divided betweem "ROB LIEFELD!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!" fanboys and sneering "terrible artist, no talent, needs to take some anatomy lessons" haters. I imagine tha

"Filled with unease...": The Geeks at the Gates Podcast - Episode 35

A discussion in the shop about the negative reaction to some of Clay Mann's art depicting women in DC's Heroes in Crisis series led to this discussion back at the old shop. Click on the image below to go to the download page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts. Full shownotes (and there are a lot this week, including all of the images we talk about) can be found below the image. The two images from Heroes in Crisis which sparked the controversy that led to the discussion which became this edition of the podcast were this image of a dead Poison Ivy, intended as the cover for Heroes in Crisis #7: And this page featuring Batgirl from Heroes in Crisis #6. We th

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