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Taking even more Pride in Comics: The Wednesday Waffle (Late Edition) Issue 38

As Pride Month draws to a close for another year, we're taking a look at some more of the fantastic trade paperbacks and graphic novels that feature LGBTQI+ characters, or which are created by people from the LGBTQI+ community. We've already talked about Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Heathen, Alters, Wonder Woman and Love is Love. But there is so much more out there to discover. Take Twisted Romance, for example. Billed as "Stories of Love and Lust", this anthology tells romance stories about characters whose sexualities don't quite fit into the usual boxes and whose romantic interactions don't conform to society's general expectations - whether it's a princess who doesn't want the Knight in Shi

Taking Pride in Comics: The Wednesday Waffle, issue 37

As we type, Harrogate Pride in Diversity was last weekend. A fantastic celebration of the diversity of human experience held in the Valley Gardens. We were proud to be there with our gazeebo and a selection of comics which either featured characters who were LGBTQI+ or which were created by people who were LGBTQI+. As always, it was a hugely fun day. So, as Pride Month passes the half way stage, we thought we'd shine the spotlight on some of the great books that have LGBTQI+ representation. I guess it makes sense to start with the well known characters - so we'll kick off with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, who are both bisexual, and have been in a relationship for some time. It's a mainstream

"This Generation's Star Wars": The Geeks at the Gates Episode 38 - Endgame Part 2

Steve, Helen Alice and Regie are back, with the end of their discussion of Avengers: Endgame - although as usual there are some digressions along the way... Click the image below to go to the download page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your posdcasts. Steve was a very big fan of the track "Portals" from the Avengers soundtrack. We're going to encourage you not to play it on a loop for three hours, but the extended eight minute version can be found on YouTube here. Steve also mentioned Kevin Fiege's presentation introducing Phase Three of the MCU, which can be seen here. The Geeks at the Gates is a copyright production of Venus Rising Media, featuring music by Steph

Fear of Falling: The Wednesday Waffle - Issue 36

It has been reported that DC's long running "mature readers" imprint Vertigo is facing the axe. This is saddening news, if true - this is why... Vertigo was born back in January 1993. John Major was Prime Minster, Bill Clinton was being sworn in as President of the United States, Whitney Houston was at number one in the UK singles chart with "I will always love you" and A Few Good Men was the most successful film at the UK box office. In comics Superman had just died, and the ninties boom, fueled by the narcotic effects of "multiple variant, die-cut, foil-enhanced, glow in the dark, holographic, card stock, animated covers" was beginning to burst. It was a very different time. Very much swim

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