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Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - "Upside down Enterprise: Spaceship Picks part 2

We're back in time, recording in the old shop when it was still "The Shop" with the second part of Matt, Hat, Helen and Regie's discussion of the best fictional spaceships ever. Everyone's first and second picks were in last week's episode, so we're starting this week with round 3 Matt's third pick was the Phoeonix from Battle of the Planets. Both he and Regie were big fans and discussed the opening title sequence at some length. This is it: Helen's third pick was the ID4 alien fighter from Independence day. This one: Hat's third choice was the U.S.S. Voyager from the Star Trek series of the same name: She recommended the episode Bride of Chaotica as "The best holodeck episode in Star Trek".

"Big Red Eye WOOOOMMB!" Spaceships part one - The Geeks at the Gates Radio Shownotes for 1

We're cheating. All the geeks are busy - Ian has art deadlines, Hat and Liz are moving house, Matt's doing publishing stuff, Regie is up to his eyeballs in Thought Bubble and UCI preparations, Steve and Helen are doing the quiz thing, Jack is getting out and doing VoxPod and all the geeks on the rosta who have kids are dealing with the whole back to school thing. We're a bit cavalier with the podcast schedule, if we can't record, we can't record - you can do that when you're a podcast - but Radio waits for nobody, so since we can't get Geeks in a room this week (although Regie is working on something kinda cool - watch this space...) and our radio listeners haven't heard it, this is a re-edi

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