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The Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - Shownotes for Thursday 24th October Episode "An insuffici

The geeks (For this edition they were Helen and Steve, Claire, Hat, Matt and Regie) got together to select their very own super-teams - who chose what, and how many times did Steve pick Simon Pegg? Here's how it broke down: ROUND ONE! Helen picked Mal Reynolds, Captain of the Firefly class transport ship Serenity - from the TV show Firefly and the Movie Serenity. If you don't know these science fiction gems, you should seek them out. Steve Picked Nick Angel, the Super Cop in a small English village from the movie Hot Fuzz. Claire Picked Toothless the dragon from the movie How to train your Dragon. Hat picked the Marvel super-hero America Chavez. She noted that although America is a character

"You don't put out intimidating vibes..." The Geeks at the Gates Episode 46: An interv

As the Thought Bubble convention draws ever closer, Regie chats with Cardiff based comic creator Sarah Millman over Skype - which is why his voice sounds a bit fuzzy at first. (Don't worry, audio quality improves.) Click the image below to go to the download page or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever fine pods are casted. Because he likes to make everything about him, Regie starts by explaining his route into comic shop ownership, and drops a few names non-comics readers won't recognise. First is the UK Comic Art Convention, or U.K.C.A.C. (pronounced "you-kak"). This was once the main comics convention in the UK, helf annually in London from 1985-1997, with one last hurrah in Manch

"Joking Apart" - The Geeks at the Gates Podcast episode 45: Regie and Steve watch The Joke

If you're reading this on the day it drops, it's October 10th Mental Health Awareness Day. Regie and Steve marked the occasion by going to see The Joker, then they immediately sat down to try and process what they saw. Click on the image below to go to the download page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts. BE AWARE THAT THESE SHOWNOTES, AND THE SHOW ITSELF, CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE JOKER. IF YOU'RE GOING TO SEE THE FILM, READ THIS LATER. Both Regie and Steve mentioned The Killing Joke. This is the 1988 graphic novel written by comics legend Alan Moore and illustrated by the great Brian Bolland. It draws from a 1951 Batman story entitled "The Man behind the

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