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"Go exploring!" The Wednesday Waffle Episode Ten.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS WEEK'S RACK We're getting back to our waffly roots this week, not just posting news stories. Because over the last few weeks, a couple of in store conversations, as well as some interaction we've had online in both our professional and personal capacities, have made us think. I keep hearing - particularly online - that "comics just aren't as good as they used to be". And I'm always surprised by such comments because I'm firmly of the view that we're in the middle of something of a golden age. I mean, there is so much excellent stuff out there right now it's almost impossible to read even a significant fraction of it. I've been into comics in a serious way for more t

The Wednesday Waffle Episode Nine: Lots more DC News

Sorry we missed last week - we were very busy and had very little to report. But as Mrs Doyle might say, we're here now... DC RELEASES FOR DECEMBER If we'd written a waffle for last week, we'd have included the DC December solicitations. There are some interesting titles - including the long, long looooooooong awaited Batman/Catwoman from Tom King and Clay Mann. If you told me you wanted this you might want to tell me again, because this wasn't just solicited in the before times of long ago - issue #1 was originally supposed to be out in January 2020, so there's a chance I might've forgotten. Check out everything over at Games Radar HERE. MARK WAID RETURNS TO DC If you've checked out the cre

"Do we make an omlette?" The Geeks at the Gates on the Radio - 10th September Shownotes

It's a mix of valiant battle and technical difficulties again this week, as Liz, Hat, Alice and Regie (aka The DM, Grit, Nyx and Emanon respectively) continue their battle with the Harpy and the Manticore as their Dungeons and Dragons campaign continues. We also had some science stories: Moon Booster test As a keen rocketeer I do love a big explodey thing, and if NASA is getting people back to the moon, Mars, or anywhere other than Low Earth Orbit ever, they need an FBR (Flippin' Big Rocket) to get them there. They don't really have the capability to make more Saturn Vs - the rocket that took men to The Moon back in the day, so they're developing something else. The video above is a test of

The Wednesday Waffle Episode Eight: Farewell to the King

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS WEEK'S RACK! CHADWICK BOSEMAN There's not really much we can add to the tributes that have already been paid to Chadwick Boseman. We knew him best as T'Challa, the Black Panther, King of Wakanda. As such we mourn him. But there was so very much more to him than that. A fine actor and a fine man who supported children with cancer while he himself was undergoing treatment. A man who inspired. A terrible loss. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends. MORE CHANGES AT THE TOP AT DC DC continue to shuffle the pieces at the top of it's organisation, as Daniel Cherry, a former executive of Activision Blizzard "esports" (or "video games", as we called them in m

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