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ATLANTIS ATTACKS #1 (OF 5) RON LIM VAR (75960609802600131)

ATLANTIS ATTACKS #1 (OF 5) RON LIM VAR (75960609802600131)

WAR WITH THE WATER KINGDOM! The armies of ATLANTIS face ATLAS in a showdown destined to shake allegiances and break hearts! AMADEUS CHO, SILK, WAVE, SHANG-CHI, and all the heroes of the Atlas have bonded with each other after the challenges of WAR OF THE REALMS. But when a terrible secret incurs the wrath of KING NAMOR, who's the true friend -- and who's the true enemy? A titanic tale of love and betrayal, heroes and monsters, gods and underdogs -- plus the shocking return of JIMMY WOO and the original AGENTS OF ATLAS!
  • Publisher

  • Creative Team

    (W) Greg Pak (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Ron Lim
  • Provisional Shipping Date:

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