Batman�patrols the night streets of�Gotham City, knowing that his most feared enemey is roaming free. As he considers his course of action, Batman hears a scream coming from a curio shop and goes to investigate. Once inside, Batman rescues a fortune teller who is being robbed in her studio by a common thug. After knocking the criminal out, Batman is about to leave, but the teller asks him if he needs any help. He exits for a moment, but then returns to sit as the woman deals out her tarot cards. Batman takes a card. It is "Le Mat" -- The Fool and Holy Madman. Batman asks if she can find him in her crystal ball. As the two gaze at the magical orb, he goes into a deep thought, concentrating back to three years ago when he confronted the�Joker�when he pulled a heist at the Star Gallery.


  • DC Comics

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