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Under the mental control of the Shadow King, Colossus chases Xavier and Stevie Hunter through the ruins of the Xavier Institute. It comes to a showdown between Xavier and the Shadow King in the Danger Room, and Xavier realizes that he can only free Colossus by destroying the artist Peter Nicholas personality in Colossus head; though it hurts him as Piotr actually was happy as an artist. On Muir Island, only Forge remained free from the Shadow King�s influence and the other X-Men are hunting him. Yet Forge is able to use a neurosynaptic scrambler on Wolverine and when being discovered by Rogue, he knocks her unconscious with a gun. The Shadow King realizes that he needs a new host body, as that of FBI agent Jacob Reisz is beginning to deteriorate. Xavier, Stevie and Colossus witness a riot in Salem Center which is actually the Shadow King�s doing, they decide to call in X-Factor.
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  • Publisher:

    Marvel Comics
  • Creative Team:

    W: Chris Claremont/Fabian Nicieza/Jim Lee A: Andy Kubert/Scott Williams/GlynisOliver
  • Cover Date:

  • Location:

  • NOTES:

    Price reflects price sticker damage on cover. We NEVER put stickers on comics, but people in the nineties were clearly barbarians!
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