Dazzler recovers and meet Mojo II �the sequel� (one of Mojo�s earlier clones), he convinces her to lead a direct attack against Mojo, meanwhile the X-MEN are trapped inside Mojo�s sadistic TV show, "the Wizard of X", which keeps them fighting among themselves due to Mojo�s influence. Xavier, however, manages to link with Psylocke�s mind turning her back into herself. She then quickly takes Cyclops from behind, removing his visor in the process, and psi-thrusting him on the head, causing him to shoot, with his naked eyes, a powerful optic-blast against Mojo's control booth. Unfortunately it was protected by an alloy called Mojonium�, so Psylocke guided Cyclops to shoot a second blast that directly hits Rogue and causing her to be pushed all the way to the top of the sky while breaking the Mojonium� dome in the process. After a short distraction Rogue made a entrance striking Mojo from behind and almost at the same time Dazzler and Mojo II �the sequel� come to help. Mojo then shows the X-Men that he is extremely powerful, but he was defeated by the X-Men anyway, causing him to suddenly disappear without a trace.

X-MEN #11 (AUG 1992)

  • Marvel Comics

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