X-MEN #13 (OCT 1992)

X-MEN #13 (OCT 1992)

The X-Men travel to the abandoned Almagordo facility to find Professor Xavier.�Ryking is frustrated that Xavier didn�t believe the file he sent him about Almagordo�s secret activities.�The X-Men arrive and Ryking immediately fights them.�Cyclops knocks out the mechanism on Ryking�s arms, inadvertently causing his powers to unleash an explosion.�Everyone survives, but Xavier feels Ryking doesn�t have any answers about his father, so they leave Almagordo.Meanwhile, Stryfe continues to collect artifacts that resemble Apocalypse.
  • Publisher:

    Marvel Comics
  • Creative Team:

    W: Fabian Nicieza A: Art Thibert/Dan Panosian/Joe Rosas/Javins
  • Cover Date:

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  • NOTES:

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