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X-MEN #9 (JUN 1992)

X-MEN #9 (JUN 1992)

The ex-wife of�Gambit,�Bella Donna�has convinced he and the X-Men to return to New Orleans with her so that she might re-establish peace between the guilds of the Thieves and Assassins. The team is surprised to find that�Ghost Rider�has been infected and transformed into a member of�The Brood. A squadron of Brood attack the X-Men. The infected Ghost Rider attacks�Jubilee.�Wolverine�attempts an attack on the Brood Queen, and in doing so, inadvertently destroys a support beam. The floor collapses.
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  • Publisher:

    Marvel Comics
  • Creative Team:

    W:Jim Lee/Scott Lobdell A:JimLee/Art Thibert/Joe Rosas
  • Cover Date:

  • Location:

  • NOTES:

    This story concludes in Ghost Rider #27 (1992)
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