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The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Three: Costume Party (Part One)

Supergirl, Batgirl and The Red Hood have all had new costumes announced over the last couple of months and as ever with such things fan reaction has been mixed. 'Twas ever thus...

Let's have a look at the latest entries into the comics wardrobe first of all. Take Supergirl's new threads, for example from this:

To this:

Now. Middle aged men like myself commenting on what young women like Kara Zor-El choose to wear is never a good look. At best we sound out of touch and condescending. At worst we sound downright creepy. So please, trust that I don't say this lightly.

But what the hecking heck is she wearing now?! Did she get dressed in the dark?!

It's not that the classic costume is perfect - it clearly isn't. While the red and blue evoke her cousin's outfit and point the reader to decades of tradition I can't really see that the thigh high boots are going to be either practical or comfortable (footwear is going to come up a later in this discussion - and at least she's wearing flats...).

More than that though, they really didn't think that skirt through, did they? It looks good when she's standing on the ground, but one of the key features of Kryptonians on Earth is that they don't stand on the ground, they fly above it.

I'll leave you to ponder that one...

The classic costume does have a couple of things going for it though. For a start, it's the classic. It's the one everybody recognises, and in comics as in everything else, recognition is important. But it also looks good, and it's the kind of thing real people might actually wear - in the same way her cousin's outfit was modeled after the attire of gymnasts and circus strongmen from the nineteen thirties, Supergirl's outfit evokes the cheerleader's outfits of the sixties and seventies*. (And probably beyond - I've only ever seen cheerleaders on Buffy...)

While I don't claim to be up on women's (or anyone else's) fashion trends, I really don't believe the new outfit is something anyone would choose to wear. I mean, just look at it! Perhaps the colour scheme will be explained, but even I know that it'snot a good idea to put black and blue together - it makes you look like a bruise. Then there's that cape.

Oh, that cape!

I mean, of course, capes are always impractical - especially if you're expecting to engage in any kind of hand to hand fisticuffs. But this weird cape/sash hybrid thing she's wearing now not only looks uncomfortable, it looks silly.