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The Wednesday Waffle: Episode 15.2 - The 2018 Saucer Awards, Part 2.

Welcome back to The Wednesday Waffle! (Yes, we know it's Thursday. Cut us some slack. It's been a busy Holiday Season...) We've already had the results for the Best Major Publisher, Minor Publisher, Writer and Artist. Now, join us for the rest of the awards...

The 2018 Saucer Award for Best Character.

We were going to have separate awards for "Best Hero" and "Best Villain". But in the end we decided that we didn't want to be that binary - which category would Deadpool or Magneto fall into, for example?

So we invited you to name the best character overall, and we ended up with thirteen nominations. Interestingly, none of the headline characters - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Spider-Man received a single vote. I'm not sure what that tells us, but it was interesting...

In third place we have Woody Henderson, the irresponsible half of Valiant's not entirely competent superhero double act Quantum and Woody.

Hugely irresponsible and absolutely refusing to take his role as a super powered hero seriously, Woody eschew's code names and costumes, and just does his thing.

Given that his book is not a massive seller (it ought to be, because it's awesome, but there you go...) it would seem that pretty much everyone who buys it from us must've voted for him.

This isn't a surprise, there's something immensely likeable about Woody. We'd honestly like more characters that were this much fun to read

Speaking of fun, in Second Place we have The Merc with the Mouth, Wade Wilson, Deadpool himself. It's been a good year for Wade, he got a second movie and a new creative team.

Skottie Young seems to have been the perfect choice for scripting duties, bringing a wry but chaotic sensibility to Wade's adventures, keeping them original but also making the comic something that people who came to the character through the movie version would easily recognise.

We're loving it so far, and of course his adventures alongside everybody's favourite web-slinger continue over in Spider-Man/Deadpool too...

The winner's celebrations may, in the end, be a little bit muted, since her book was actually cancelled this year. Nevertheless, she has clearly lost none of her popularity, and the 2018 Saucer Award for Best Character goes to Kate Kane, the Batwoman.