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The Wednesday (Oh, OK. Friday) Waffle: Issue Twenty Three - Just (Captain) Marvelous!

So. You might have noticed, there's a new Marvel movie in town. At time of writing we haven't seen it, but here's why we're excited about Captain Marvel, and why we're bored of internet trolls.

Captain Marvel movie poster

I mean, first of all - are you actually kidding me?! It's a Marvel movie - of course we're excited! Besides - look at the poster, Samuel L. Jackson with hair!

Also, of course we're excited - Captain Marvel is an awesome character, and Carol Danvers has a long and rich history which deserves to be explored and celebrated on screen.

Carol has cropped up in the Waffle before, of course, in the second part of "Costume Party" back in September last year - where she was highlighted because in her Ms Marvel days, she had one of the worst costumes ever do disgrace the comics page. Of course, nowadays she has one of the coolest, the awesome blue, red and gold outfit designed by Jamie McKelvie for her launch as Captain Marvel in 2012, so in a very real sense she represents some of the progress that female characters in comics have made since her debut in the seventies.

Jamie McKelvie's Captain Marvel

I mean, just look at this - it's striking, it's practical and it looks beyond cool - I'm particularly fond of the buttons on her collar which mimic the pips a US Air Force would wear on their uniform (although she's actually a retired Air Force Colonel, so calling herself Captain Marvel is a bit of a demotion), while the zip down front (aside from making it one of the few costumes that look like they'd be reasonably east to put on and take off) echoes her USAF flight suit. It might be one of the best designed costumes in the Marvel Universe.

However, it will surprise nobody, in these sad times when everyone on the internet has to be angry about something - especially if a woman is doing it - that there has been a good deal of negativity about Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, her comics and her movie online, with the trolling of a well-known review aggregating site becoming so bad they turned off the ability of users to mark the film as something they were or were not interested in seeing, and the movie's star Brie Larson being criticised for not smiling enough in the trailer. (Larson's response - in which she photoshopped smiles onto the movie posters of the likes of Captain America, Doctor Strange and Iron Man - was hilarious.)

One online commenter in a Marvel Comics fan group argued that Danvers had "never been more than a C list character" and as such "didn't deserve and cannot carry" her own movie.

So. Is that right? Who is Carol Danvers? Does she warrant a movie all to herself?

Well, first of all, let's nail this "C-Lister" thing right at the start. I'm not privvy to Marvel's worldwide sales figures, so I can only speak from experience, but at Desties Captain Marvel consistently out-sells Iron Man, Captain America, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman and Thor. So far as I remember they all had movies that were pretty good...