The Wednesday Waffle issue 43: Picks of the Future - What's looking good in March 2020 Part One, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Marvel!

January 13, 2020

Yes, I know, it's only Monday, but I keep banging on about how helpful it is for people to order in advance, and I do a very poor job of telling you what's coming up in the future. 


Well. Time to fix that.


Here are some of the highlights that will be occupying the rack in March - there're too many for one post, so we're just covering Image, Marvel, IDW and Dark Horse today, with other publishers to follow in later posts (which is why we're starting on Monday...)


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Decorum #1

There are many assassins in the known universe. This is the story of the most well-mannered one.


"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what knife you use."


Mercy #1

When the placid mining village of Woodsburgh is disturbed by a series of brutal murders, the settlement is in turmoil. And as the first snow covers the chaos in a white blanket, a mysterious woman in black arrives, eliciting a totally different kind of unrest. But who is Lady Hellaine, really? And what's her secret agenda? Acclaimed UNNATURAL and UN/SACRED creator MIRKA ANDOLFO presents a sensual Victorian gothic horror about otherness, damnation, redemption, and what it means to be a monster in a horror tale perfect for fans of Penny Dreadful or Crimson Peak.


Stealth #1

For decades, Stealth has waged war on crime in Detroit, but now he's taken his pursuit of justice too far. Only reporter Tony Barber knows that behind Stealth's reckless behaviour is an older man battling Alzheimer's - his father. A father unwilling to accept that he's no longer the hero this city needs… with enemies all too eager to force his retirement. Created by ROBERT KIRKMAN and MARC SILVESTRI, STEALTH is an action-packed series, perfect for readers who enjoy Black Panther and Iron Man.


920London Graphic Novel

2005, north of London. A doomed romance between two emo kids. More than friends, less than lovers, they're trying to grow shrooms before the world ends. Send help.  Solo graphic novel debut by REMY BOYDELL (THE PERVERT), fully painted in watercolor. 





X-Ray Robot #1

Max is a family man seeking a more interesting life. While conducting a new experiment at work, the fabric of his reality is torn before his eyes, and a robotic figure appears, claiming to be his 277-year-old self. The robot is able to 'X-Ray' multiple dimensions and battles a nihilistic entity from another dimension who wants to take all life to its 'Pre-Big Bang' status.  Max and the robot embark on an interdimensional roadtrip through past and future to take down the 'Nihilist' and save the universe!  Mike Allred's new bizarre superhero character X-Ray Robot!


"One of the best cartoonists in all of comics has done it again! X-Ray Robot is another Allred homerun!!"

Brian Michael Bendis


"Michael Allred kicks so much ass I can barely stand it. X-Ray Robot is the work of a master!"

Rob Thomas creator of Veronica Mars


Starship Down #1

A cultural anthropologist consults with US Naval Intelligence to investigate the discovery of an extraterrestrial ship buried under the ice for thousands of years in Siberia. The meddling Russians, Vatican officials, the international media spotlight, and her own insecurities all threaten her efforts to keep the fabric of society from crumbling.  A brand-new thriller with blistering art from Andrea Mutti



Luther Arkwright TP

Two absolute classic pan dimensional tales - Bryan Talbot's astonishingly good Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its sequel Heart of Empire. Some of the best British comics ever written.


The fate of a swirling multiverse of infinite existences depends on one man, a being of vast psychic power capable of traveling between realities-Luther Arkwright! In a sprawling adult epic of boundless imagination, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Heart of Empire come together in a single paperback edition.





Transformers vs. Terminator #1