Picks of the Week(s) 27th May - 9th June

May 31, 2020

All the comics we made picks of the week this week (and last week, since we're experiencing extended time between deliveries...) - click the cover to go to the purchase page. The list is updated every day, so keep checking back!





 The most disreputable scoundrel in a galaxy far, far away is BACK! The timeline has moved to match the main book, so we're now in the time between Empire and Jedi, and Aphra has a new "team" - but she's still Aphra...


Now on the trail of an almost mythical artefact, with one of the richest, meanest spoiled brats in the Empire on her tail, life for everybody's favourite disreputable space archaeologist isn't getting any easier... Still my favourite comic in the Star Wars universe.




Ever since the worst nuclear accident in history, the area around Fukashima has been forbidden territory...

Which makes it exciting! Disaster Inc is the tour comany that will take you there - beyond the barriers, into the danger zone! See what nobody is allowed to see! Live life on the edge!

Which is what has brought a motley band of environmental activists, journalists and thrill-seekers to be on the same little tour bus taking the same highly dangerous and highly illegal tour.

But radiation isn't the only danger in Fukashima. Beyond the checkpoints, behind the fences, something ancient and terrifying is stirring... This is a top notch bit of thriller writing and is very highly recommended.

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