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The Wednesday Waffle Episode Eight: Farewell to the King



There's not really much we can add to the tributes that have already been paid to Chadwick Boseman. We knew him best as T'Challa, the Black Panther, King of Wakanda. As such we mourn him.

But there was so very much more to him than that.

A fine actor and a fine man who supported children with cancer while he himself was undergoing treatment. A man who inspired. A terrible loss. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends.


DC continue to shuffle the pieces at the top of it's organisation, as Daniel Cherry, a former executive of Activision Blizzard "esports" (or "video games", as we called them in my day) has been named "Senior Vice-President and General Manager" of DC.

This is a new role, which will focus on business affairs, editorial, talent services, marketing, sales, and business development. He'll be reporting to Pam Lifford, the Global Brands and Experience President at Warner Bros.

As for Jim Lee, who previously held the title "Publisher", and is now the "Creative Director", well, DC tell us that he will:

"bring his unmatched creativity, passion and innate knowledge of the DC characters and canon to the company’s efforts to evolve the brand and create relevance for new audiences around the world."

That sounds very grand, but I've written enough school reports to know when people are getting creative with language to avoid being specific about what they mean, while stroking the ego of the person being talked about.

With is appointment, which puts a gaming executive with no particular background in comics it seems increasingly clear that AT&T sees DC not so much as a comics publishing company, but as an IP generator producing characters that will be licensed to other companies to make merchandise, video games and such.

That of course is their prerogative - but between this and the continued uncertainty about their comics distribution outside the U.S. (I still don't know exactly where I'm going to be getting DC Comics from in January) it is clear that our relationship as readers with DC is going to be forced to change.


DC seem to have set something of a trend as IDW also announce some changes at the top.

"Industry Veteran" Nachie Marsham, formerly Executive Editor at Disney Publishing Worldwide steps into the role of Publisher, while Veronica Brooks, formerly IDW's Senior Director is promoted to Vice President, Creative Affairs.

The press release is full of people saying how thrilled they are to be in their new roles, and how happy the company is to have them there, so we'll ignore all of that - because of course they would say that. It's much more interesting from my point of view to compare this change at the top with the decisions being made at DC.

Decisions are perhaps being made for different reasons of course, DC has a new owner, while IDW have in some ways been forced by circumstances into bringing in new people. But still, DC has chosen to bring in people from areas outside publishing while dispensing with the services of a literal office full of people who had made comics publishing their lives.

By contrast IDW have promoted from within and brought in a publisher from a print background, suggesting a continued focus on comics. Given the state of the market, it remains to be seen which will be the more successful strategy, but I have to say that right now, I'm really rooting for IDW...


It's not all doom and gloom over at DC - whatever changes are happening they do still make comics and they are still the home of Batman.

This year's celebration of the Caped Crusader will be on 19th September, with all manner of Batman themed activities to join in with. We're not sure exactly what we're going to be doing at Desties (we'll keep you informed) but you can see what DC has planned over at CBR by clicking HERE.

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