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Advance Notice - Comics coming in July 2023

The year is flashing past at alarming speed, and here we are looking at July's comics! Click on our cover of the month below to browse all of July's titles online or scroll on down to check out our highlights. Remember - if you don't see what you're looking for get in touch and we'll get it if it's gettable!

July is a busy month, with DC being take over by Knight Terrors, and there is a lot going on with the other publishers too...



When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find the body of one of their earliest enemies inside the Hall of Justice, their investigation takes them past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, and directly to a new villain called Insomnia...who uses his powers to engulf every single hero and villain in their own dark and twisted nightmares!

The only way to save the world is to call for the help of an unlikely hero--Deadman!

The thrills and chills of Knight Terrors are brought to the DC Universe by DC architect and superstar writer Joshua Williamson with horrific art by comics legend Howard Porter!

Knight Terrors: Batman #1 Cover