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Geeking with Destination Venus #133: Challenging Disasters Show Notes

Yes, the show notes are back - hopefully as a regular feature. As the Geeking show develops into something more organised over the next few months we hope to augment your listening pleasure with more info, illustrations, links to sources and all manner of other good stuff for your delectation, instruction and delight.

Anyway. A sombre episode this week as we unpack the utterly avoidable Challenger disaster - an event that marked the beginning of the end of the Shuttle project and set the crewed exploration of space back many years...

Click on the cover image below to go to the download page, catch the show on Harrogate Community Radio or search for "Geeking with Destination Venus" wherever you get your podcasts.

If, like a student of mine this week, you are unclear exactly what the Space Shuttle was, it is this:

If you are unclear what a Shuttle launch looked like, here is one of the very last ones...

Regie talked about the shuttle boosters - this is one of the "booster cam" videos he talked about.

We can't not make the video of Challenger available. Here it is, as see live on TV around the world.

There is no good footage of the Columbia disaster, and it wouldn't help explain what happened if there was. However, Regie talked about the "backflip" manoeuvre that shuttles did on every subsequent flight so that the heat shield could be checked.

This is Shuttle Discovery performing the backflip: