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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #13: Still Tolkien about Rings...

We'd like to apologise for some of the sound quality in this episode. Some of it was recorded outdoors in City Park Bradford. (Don't ask...) At one point it sounded like somebody was playing bagpipes and there was a LOT of background noise. We tried to take most of it out in post, but you'll still hear some of it.

For what it's worth, City Park in Bradford is lovely.

Anyway. We have some news, views and recommendations for you, and the second part of the conversation between Regie and Alice about The Lord of the Rings. This show was broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio on Thursday 22nd July - it's available on their "listen again" service, or click the image below to go to the podcast Download page.

So. We started with Regie's continued vendetta against billionaires in space, and his consideration of whether either Branson or Bezos actually made it there. His conclusion was that they're both awful, but Branson did it and Bezos did. You can read more impartial discussion of the issues involved HERE.

While there are solid arguments that Bezos didn't attain a sufficient altitude to claim to have "been to Space" Regie prefers to accept that he did, simply because he really wants Wally Funk to have made the trip. Yoou can get some idea as to why HERE.

We then got into the discussion between Regie and Alice about The Lord of the Rings. The discussion turned to the issue of race and casual racism. It's a difficult issue, and to be clear neither Regie nor Alice takes the view that the books or the films have any elements that were deliberately racist. There are some issues though.

Regie contended that the character design of some of Sauron's human soldiers in the film adaptation of Return of the King was "Middle Eastern" and that was perhaps a bit on the nose, given that all of the heroes were effectively "White European" and that at the time of the film's release there were very definite "clash of culture" talking points about the conflicts between Western powers and various Middle Eastern countries.

Here are some images, decide for yourself:

A Southron
A Southron
A Southron

Again. These are the bad guys. All the good guys look like this: