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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #18

Due to circumstances beyond all control Regie and Alice still haven't managed to record the next part of their discussion of The Lord of the Rings so Regie is once again flying solo. Click on the image below to go to the download page, or simply search for Geeking with Destination Venus wherever you get your podcasts. Unless it's Spotify. I don't think we're on there...

Although it's not available in the UK just yet, Regie was impressed by the Lego Replay initiative. Read more about that HERE.

Then there's the Thought Bubble comic drive which we urge anyone with comics they don't want to support this excellent cause. Read more HERE.

Regie considered the rumours that Giancarlo Esposito - late of The Mandolorian and Breaking Bad is in the frame to be the new Professor X for the MCU. He's kinda stoked about the possibility. More HERE.


After last week's doom-fest Regie found a positive news story regarding The Montreal protocol and Climate change. Read more HERE.

Younger listeners might not remember the fuss about the Ozone layer, which was the driving force behind the Montreal protocol. Read more HERE.

He then went on to opine on the Spider-Man trailer. You've almost certainly seen it, but just in case - here it is.

Then there were some comics recommendations:

Then finally there was...


In which Regie pondered an unexpected consequence of America's current COVID-19 spike on spaceflight. With hind-sight it's really obvious, but he honestly never saw it coming - and he calls himself a Space Geek. Read more HERE.