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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #20: Alice, The Matrix and Lightsails

It took some doing, but Regie and Alice finally met up again to continue their discussion on Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings - Specifically different readings of the relationship between Sam and Frodo. Click on the image below to go to the download page, check us out on Harrogate Community Radio or simply search for Geeking with Destination Venus wherever you find your Podcasts.


Regie was saddened to report the death of Carolyn Shoemaker last month. You can read more about the astounding achievements of this great astronomer and advocate of planetary defence HERE. And see below for some of the consequences of the Shoemaker Levy 9 impact on Jupiter:

In happier news he was also pleased to report that the Planetary Society's space craft Lightsail 2 will likely get an extension to its research mission. Read more about this innovative, independently funded space science mission HERE.


There were a bunch of things that came up during this discussion. Throughout both Alice and Regie referenced an article and a video.

Read the article HERE.

Watch the video below:

As part of the discussion regarding LGBTQIA+ figures from history, Regie mentioned an edition of the podcast Behind the Bastards - specifically the episode focussed on Cecil Rhodes - the very gay colonialist, racist and general bad guy. Part one of that edition can be heard HERE, and part two HERE. Be advised that this is a podcast which features strong language and adult themes.

In the spirit of acknowledging that sexuality doesn't have any kind of impact on virtue, Alice also suggested the podcast Bad Gays - which you can find HERE.


Regie had some comics recommendations.

First up was Last Flight Out. Enjoy the trailer below:

Next was