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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #4

For the fourth edition of Geeking Regie sat down across the internet to chat with Ed Whiting. Apologies in advance for the fact that you can hear birdsong throughout this episode - Regie was recording with his window open and has finally unpacked his "good" mic - turns out it picks up everything!

Click on the image below to go to the download page or simply search "Geeking with Destination Venus" wherever you get your podcasts.



Dave Evans was a stalwart of the UK small press scene. It's not too much of an exaggeration to call him one of the foundations upon which it stands. We met him many times at conventions over the years, but cannot claim to have known him well. This week's interview guest Ed Whiting knew him better, and talks about him at length in the show, so we'll leave the memorialising to him.

We knew him as an enthusiastic and generous man. His legacy in the UK comics world is incalculable - he is very much missed.


Given that we got Ed Whiting on to talk about Bigger Fish, his new one-shot comic, He and Regie spent an awful lot of time discussing all the old TV they've been watching over lockdown. These included:

Blake's 7

The gritty late seventies Sci-Fi show is available in YouTube - check out the first episode below!

Star Cops

A short-lived late eighties show that was just a little bit too far ahead of its time - it also has a theme song even more annoying than Enterprise, which is a heck on an achievement. Hear it, and check out Episode One below - but be warned, you might end up falling down this rabbit hole...

Mention was also made of Orphan Black, which is not available on YouTube, but is available on Netflix and is well worth your time. As a side bar, if you know the show and you're a fan there's a sequel podcast series narrated by the star of the original show Tatiana Maslany set about a decade or so after the events of the last TV episode which we heartily recommend. Find it HERE.

As the discussion moved on to attitudes towards "genre" fiction Regie mentioned a recent Guardian article which lamented the fact that the writer's children don't read books, and that somehow the "Manga" her children did read might not count as reading if it's "mainly pictures".

As a qualified English Teacher Regie wants to make sure you all realise that comics do in fact count as reading. In the chat he couldn't remember who wrote the article, but we've looked it up and it was columnist Zoe Williams. You can read the piece HERE.

Regie mentioned a hideously ill-informed article about Star Wars in the Guardian back when The Phantom Menace came out. He couldn't remember who wrote it, but we reckon it was probably Mark Lawson.

When we finally got to talking about Ed's comic Bigger Fish, he mentioned that it's available online at