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"Hey 2020, here's your hat, what's your hurry?" GATG Episode 60 - the 2020 round-up part 1

Hello! Welcome to the show notes for the last Geeks at the Gates of 2020. These notes apply to both the Podcast and Radio versions of the show. Click the image below to go to the download page, or simply search for The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts.

OK, so speaking of Rachael Smith we started our round-up with an extract from Regie's chat with her - the whole thing can be found HERE.

We then moved on to a segment from what I regard as the best show we've ever done - it certainly had the most comprehensive set of show notes - and you'll make me very happy if you check them out HERE. From 25th March, we have the "everybody hates Roy Lichtenstein" segment of The Art Rant - in which Master's Degree holding Fine Artist Hat talked me through the entire history of Western Art.

Both Hat and myself have a deep seated dislike of Lichtenstein's disrespectful and dishonourable plagiarism - in our view he was no artist, but a mere thief who copied other people's work and claimed that minor changes turned them into great art. To be fair, there are a number of apologists for Lichtenstein who claim that the comic book artists from whom he stole (and never gave credit or acknowledgement) somehow don't count and that what Lichtenstein did was OK because as "true artist" he somehow took the "mere illustrations" from the comics and imbued them with "philosophy".

Whatever - if such apologists were to try to use that line of defence in conversation with me I can only say that my response would be both lengthy and loud. I won't link to any such apologists here (you can find them easily enough via Google) because I have a low tolerance for self serving hogwash, but there's a good article on the views of his victims on the Smithsonian Magazine website which you can read HERE.

We then moved on to the chat that Regie had with Gareth and Josh from the Dead Northern film festival, but we don't seem to have shownotes for that.

Dead Northern, of course, was not the only festival that was supposed to be happening, and our next segment was from the chat that Regie had with the wonderful Chloe Green about Thought Bubble. You can listen to the whole thing HERE.

The rest of the extracts used came from Regie's conversations with Paul Cornell, Lucy Sullivan, Fraser Campbell and Alison Sampson. Click their names to go to their appropriate shownotes.

That's it for this week - join us next week as we finish off rounding up 2020, and look to the future. Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!