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"What's on the Rack?" #27: Pat Todd seeks Absilution from Stranger Things in the Public Domain

Hello! A little late this week due to some minor technical issues and a problem with the delivery - everything is resolved now, except that we should have Ghost Cage #3 and Ghost Rider #4, both of which should have been in but failed to appear. They are now expected at Desties next week.

Click on our cover of the week to browse the entire rack online, or scroll on down to check out all the first issues. Please note that we have left a bunch of titles from DC out of the online rack because we're sold out on pre-orders. Rest assured that even though you don't see them on here, if you ordered it, it's in your section.

Nina Ryan was a hired killer who brought nothing but pain and suffering to the world. Now, she has a month to prove that she can change.

A month to make up for her crimes and find absolution, or the bombs that have been implanted in her head will explode, killing her instantly.

As her journey of atonement is live-streamed to a fickle public, Nina is about to discover that the road to redemption might be splattered with blood

MIND MGMT is: weird, mind-blowing, paranoid storytelling.

It is the first ever comic book from Flux House, Matt Kindt's all-new imprint which features crime, science fiction, and humor stories, all told in startling and untraditional ways. Upcoming publications will take many forms.