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"What's on the Rack?" Issue #14: New Comic Book Day 8th April

Yes, we know. New Comic Book Day is Wednesday, and the 8th is a Thursday. That's what happens when you have back to back Bank Holidays - everything runs two days late. New stock will be arriving with us on Thursday instead of Tuesday this week, so we'll be running a bit behind.

Anyway. However late it is, it's a good rack this week:

If you're in a hurry, or just looking for a recommendation for something new, check out our highlights below!


The eight-time Eisner Award- winning comic book series blending fantasy and humour returns in a historical adventure blending Japanese and Western occult!

An elder member of the occult-battling pack of Wise Dogs recalls a harrowing mission-in U.S-occupied Japan after World War II, a mysterious curse creates an army of crawling, disembodied heads which threatens to overwhelm the region.

Emrys and a team of canine companions attempt to solve the mystery, bringing them into conflict with shape-changing tanuki, evil oni, and a horde of vengeful demons.


Industry heavyweights GEOFF JOHNS (Superman, Green Lantern, Batman: Three Jokers) and GARY FRANK (Superman, Supergirl, The Incredible Hulk) of DC's DOOMSDAY CLOCK reteam for what will be one of the most anticipated new series of 2021!

This mind blowing new series will take local comic shops by storm in April from Image Comics. Who are the scavengers of a dying earth?

GEIGER is set in the years since a nuclear war ravaged the planet, desperate outlaws battle for survival in a world of radioactive chaos. Out past the poisoned wasteland lives a man even the Nightcrawlers and Organ People fear.

Some name him Joe Glow, others call him The Meltdown Man.

But his name… is Geiger.