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"What's on the Rack?" Issue #7: Voices, Iron Fists, Lions and Eagles, oh my!

Hello! We're almost back on schedule with "WOTR?" after a few weeks of hectic activity off-line have prevented us posting things on time we're just one day late. Apologies, we reckon we're sorted now and what passes for normal service around here will be resumed next week.

In the meantime, you can click on our "cover of the week" to browse the whole of the rack online, or scroll on down to take a look at our highlights:

We can't get enough of Bruno Redondo's art. It's just relentlessly phenomenal. and speaking of things that are phenomenal, here are our other highlights:


Iron Fist #1 Cover
Iron Fist #1 Cover

(W) Alyssa Wong (A) Yg, Michael (CA) Jim Cheung


• After giving up his power to save the world, DANNY RAND believes he's seen the last of the IRON FIST...

• ...But when DEMONS begin to attack cities around the world, a MYSTERIOUS NEWCOMER in a FAMILIAR MASK appears, hands blazing with the CHI OF SHOU-LAO THE UNDYING!

• Who is this NEW IRON FIST? And does his power really come from the DRAGON OF K'UN-LUN... Or from something far more sinister?

Rated T+


(W) Garth Ennis (A) P. J. Holden (CA) Tim Bradstreet

Oversized prestige format miniseries from the mind of Garth Ennis!

1944: Imperial Japan still commands most of Asia. Determined to regain their hold on Burma, the British send a special forces unit - the Chindits - deep behind Japanese lines. Their mission is to attack the enemy wherever they find him. What awaits