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What's on the Rack Issue #8: New Comic Book Day 24th February 2021

Two months into 2021. Still in lockdown, still unable to see you all at the shop. But - and this is important - still here! Regular FREE contactless deliveries continue in Harrogate and Knaresborough, and less frequent FREE deliveries are going out to Ripon and Wetherby. If you're further away than that, we can post, although that will incur shipping charges if you're ordering through the website.

As always, we have a virtual rack for you to browse, and you can:

Check out the whole by clicking HERE.

If you're in more of a hurry,



BTVS: Faith #1
BTVS: Faith #1


The future of the Buffyverse begins in an all new one-shot revealing the secrets of Faith the Vampire Slayer.

With no Watcher, no idea how to harness the power in her and no idea where it came from, Faith has fallen back on old habits - and morals - to guide her. But what happens when those morals don't line up with the Council's or with Buffy's?

The origin of Faith is revealed here for the first time, with a shocking ending to this issue!

A perfect jumping on point for new and longtime Buffy fans alike that sets the stage for shocking events to come.


Dispersed through time by the villain Dominus, our ragtag team of generational heroes, featuring 1939 Batman, Kamandi, Superboy, Steel, Starfire, Sinestro, Booster Gold, and Dr. Light—must find a way to restore the timeline… and what they ultimately discover is something far, far greater.

You’ll have to read it to believe it as time dies…and generations rise!


America, 1957. Elvis dominates the airwaves and apple pie is served after every meal.

But, with the dark cloud of nuclear holocaust looming, Korean War vet Tim McClean's major concern is taking care of his family in the atomic age.

When the first bomb does drop on an unexpecting Midwest city, Tim and his family find themselves plunged into a strange new world, where what's left of the Unites States has gone underground while continuing to wage war on Russia with unthinkable tactics.

Based on Philip K. Dick's short story Breakfast at Twilight, NUCLEAR FAMILY is written by Stephanie Phillips (Butcher of Paris, Heavy Metal, ARTEMIS AND THE ASSASSIN, RED ATLANTIS) and illustrated by Tony Shasteen (Star Trek). It is Cold War era science fiction at its most timely and terrifying.


Stray Dogs #1 Cover
Stray Dogs #1 Cover

Lady and the Tramp meets Silence of the Lambs!

It's scary being the new dog.

Sophie can't remember what happened. She doesn't know how she ended up in this house. She doesn't recognize any of these other dogs. She knows something terrible happened, but she just... can't...recall... WAIT! Where's her lady?

A five-issue Don Bluth-style suspense thriller by My Little Pony comic artists TONY FLEECS and TRISH FORSTNER, STRAY DOGS is Lady and the Tramp meets Silence of the Lambs.


RUMBLE and B.P.R.D. writer JOHN ARCUDI is back at Image with rising star VALERIO GIANGIORDANO for an all-new ONGOING HORROR SERIES!

This issue starts the long journey of a young Pawnee man named Virgil Morris - a.k.a. Two Moons.- fighting for the Union during the Civil War.

When he is suddenly confronted with his shamanic roots, he discovers horrors far worse than combat as the ghosts of his past reveal the monstrous evil around him!