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"What's on the Rack?" New Comic Book Day 15th February 2023

It's Valentine's week, and we have a rack of comics that you are going to absolutely love. From classless Barbarians to twisted futures and Masters of the Universe, we've got it all. Click on our cover of the week below to browse the whole rack online or scroll on down to see the first issues you won't want to miss!


To be Classless is a whole new low…

You'd think in a fantastic world full of giants, magic, and flying fish, it would be a world of possibility. But you'd be dead wrong here!

Sylv is a jack of all trades; she can fight with the best of them, pick most pockets, and even cast a third-level spell or two. It's too bad for her that if you aren't a member of a guild, you are persona non grata: completely outcast from adventuring.

That might be fine, except she has her disabled seven-foot-tall brother to take care of. If she can't find a job to support them both, they'll be dead in a ditch in a matter of weeks.

So now her only hope is a quest from a sketchy cleric who promises only a true hero can save the day.

Sylv has a lot of skills…and she'll need them all to survive this hero's journey!