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HOW TO READ COMICS THE MARVEL WAY #1 (OF 4) (759606098224001

HOW TO READ COMICS THE MARVEL WAY #1 (OF 4) (759606098224001

THE UNIVERSAL GATEWAY TO THE HOUSE OF IDEAS! 'I tried to read it, but I just got lost.' This HAS happened to you, True Believer! You hand your intelligent friend a comic book, eagerly anticipating future conversation, only to have it returned months later, half read. What went wrong? Comics can be like a foreign language - if you don't learn them young, you might need extra help and motivation to catch on. Other clever cartoonists and scribes have shared their theories of the grammar of comics, but it's never before been done in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Well, get ready, because Mysterio has trapped your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in a comic book, and he's going to help you navigate through the gutters, balloons, panels, pencils and more so you can follow along while he figures out how to escape and save the day! From writer Christopher Hastings (UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL) and artist Scott Koblish (DEADPOOL), two artists who know the rules well enough to break them, comes your all-purpose guide to reading comics AND understanding how they work, hidden in an in-universe story you won't want to miss! For the totally green, it's a welcome mat; for the seasoned reader, a peek under the hood. Can we pull it off?! There's only one way to find out! Rated T
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