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X-MEN #2 (NOV 1991)

X-MEN #2 (NOV 1991)

Magneto and the Acolytes defeat the Blue team of the X-Men and take them aboard Asteroid X. While Xavier tries to get through to Moira, they are both kidnapped by Magneto as well. Turns out that while Magneto was an infant and in Moira�s care, she manipulated his genetic structure, attempting to cure a possible instability of his central nervous system, suspecting that this condition had turned him into a villain. Magneto gets mad, having now to question his every decision since the procedure, angrily he makes Moira brainwash the Blue team into joining his Acolytes. The other half of the X-Men wonder how to help. The situation gets even more tense when Nick Fury reports that the U.S. and Russia have decided to launch a plasma cannon against Asteroid M.
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  • Publisher:

    Marvel Comics
  • Creative Team:

    W: Chris Claremont A: Jim Lee/Scott Williams/Joe Rosas
  • Cover Date:

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