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Welcome to Destination Venus Online - Who we are and how we came to be...

Hello! Once upon a time we had an awesome website. We broke it. Pretty much beyond repair. So, this is a simpler version that I can just about get my head around. We'll be more careful this time.

So. Who am I, and what is Destination Venus?

Well. My name's Regie. I'm a life long comics nut, huge Batman nerd, total geek, former teacher and current owner of Destination Venus - Harrogate's finest (and, to be fair, only) independent comics store, named for the 1978 song "Destination Venus" by punk band The Rezillos.

Desties was born on 1st September 2005, crammed into a tiny little unit at the back of the lovely Westminster Arcade. As it happens, I was the first customer through the door, and I am still technically "Customer Number One". I'd like to suggest that this was in some way significant, but actually I'd just misread the opening times and strolled through the door at one minute past nine, not realising that the shop didn't open until ten.

Darren, the original owner was, I have to say, uncharacteristically tolerant of me...

Darren eventually saw sense and sold the business to Jack "Captain Cardigan" Sinclair, who also eventually saw sense and, when he learned I was keen to quit teaching, sold the shop to me and left to peruse other interests.

That was in 2016.

So far, I haven't seen sense...

We have now left the Westminster Arcade and currently reside under the stairs at the impossibly cool Everyman Cinema in Harrogate.

We love comics. All kinds of comics. All genres of comics. Whatever comics you're in to, we've either got them, or we'll get them if they're out there to be got.

As well as selling comics and various related merchandise we also do outreach work. As a former English Teacher I'm passionate about stories, literature and literacy and am available to come to your school, library, book group, youth group, WI, or wherever to talk about comics and promote reading and creativity. Sometimes I'll even do it for free.

So. Yeah. That's us.

Drop in and see us. Maybe buy some comics...

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