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The Geeks at the Gates Episodes "Critical Rolling" and "Merrily we Roll Along" -

We've got shownotes for two episodes here, and they're slightly rushed because in spite of the shop being closed, we're outrageously busy.

So. Regie went around to Hat and Liz's place to learn how to play D&D. He'd played in his youth, but was shocked to realise that since he last played in sixth form it's been thirty years since he last threw a D20. Here's what you need to know:

Throughout the episodes we talk about "D20s", "D10s" and so on. Basically, "D" stands for "Die", and the number refers to how many sides the die has. So, standard dice have six sides, and are therefore referred to as "D6s", while the iconic die for all Dungeons and Dragons players is the twenty sided "D20".

Dice are important in D&D. I honestly wish I'd taken a picture of Liz and Hat's dice drawer. They've got literally hundreds of them.

Hat spoke about the Legend of Korra. If you're unfamiliar with that, it's an American animated series and comic which is way too good and way to complicated to explain here. Check out the Wikipedia entry here...

And that honestly is about it for now. There's loads more I could explain, but that's all

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