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"Straight for the Fish Knocker!" Geeks at the Gates on the Radio shownotes for 20th Februa

We're back around the table this week as our intrepid band begins their D&D adventure in earnest. The story so far:

Three unconnected travellers - a Tiefling Sourceress called Nyx played by Alice), a Dwarvish Druid called Grit (played by Hat) and a Half-Elven Paladin called Emanon (played by Regie) have arrived in the coastal town of Helmsport, each one clutching a flyer for the "Wanderers' Guild".

On arrival Grit threw up and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people, Nyx attempted shopping and Emanon ate a cockatrice. Then all three made their way up a long flight of stairs carved out of the very cliffs themselves, and we left them gazing out over the town of Helmsport.

That's where we rejoined them at the start of the episode...

Later on, mention was made of Del Boy Trotter falling through the bar flap. Hat and Regie knew the reference, Alice and Liz didn't. In case you don't know it either, here is the moment from Only Fools and Horses:

After that the gang got into a fight with some rats. This is what it sort of looked like:

Grit takes on a rat!

Here we see Brit taking on a rat with Emanon in the background. Another big shout out is due to our Dungeon Master Liz, who took our descriptions of our characters and then designed and 3D printed our figures. (They were hot off the press, and so not yet painted when this picture was taken. Apologies, we don't seen to have a picture of Nyx...)

And that's about it for this week.

The Geeks at the Gates is a copyright feature of Venus Rising Media, featuring music by Steven G. Saunders and, in the background, of Kevin MacLeod and Tabletop Audio. All rights are reserved.