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Quiz Night! The Geeks at the Gates Episode 52 - Regie hosts a quiz

Steve Dempster, the Geek Pub Quizmaster himself is one of the four founding Geeks, so what better when we're all in lockdown than to do a quiz over Skype?

Except Steve is a key worker, working harder than ever right now, and Helen, Mrs Geek Pub quiz is locked up with a four year old and a new born, and so was also unavailable for quiz hosting duties.

So, join us as Regie puts the questions to Hat, Liz, and new geek Aiden!

Only two things for the shownotes - first we mentioned Arnie and his tiny horses. This is what we meant:

Cute and disturbing...

Also, Regie offered the competitors 10 bonus points if they could name the film in which Freemen Lowell was the main character. They couldn't, and he said he'd tell them at the end. But he forgot. So. Freeman Lowell was the central character of the film Silent Running. He was the botanist aboard the U.S.S. Valley forge.

That's it for now - take care of yourselves, see you next week.

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