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Geeking With Destination Venus Episode #25: Lots of Space...

Welcome to the show notes for the twenty fifth edition of Geeking with Destination Venus. Regie continues to fail to play well with others and as a result is flying solo again this week, but he has actual interviews scheduled for the next few weeks, so watch this space...

Click the image below to go to the podcast download page, listen on Harrogate Community Radio or simply search for Geeking with Destination Venus wherever you get your podcasts.

So we started with Facebook shutting down its down facial recognition systems. Read more about that HERE.

Regie also mentioned that he's doing some of his own research on Facebook. No matter how hard he tries posts to the Destination Venus Facebook Page reach fewer and fewer people. If you're following the page, he's appreciate you letting him know how often you see posts...

Because he wants to have an actual conversation Regie resisted the urge to talk about the return of Doctor Who, but you can watch the trailer for Doctor Who: Flux below just because.

But, he did have some opinions on the take over of Doctor Who by Russel T. Davies' Bad Wolf Productions (mostly positive) and the reported acquisition of Bad Wolf by Sony Pictures. (Less positive - the last time Americans got their hands on Doctor Who we got the TV Movie...)

Read more HERE. And cross your fingers...

Then there was the news that a Union is being formed by formed by Image Comics workers. That's an interesting one. As a former Union Rep and current union Member Regie rather likes Unions. This is a story to keep and eye on. Read more HERE.

A certain casting rumour had led to speculation that Snoke will be making an appearance in the forthcoming Rogue One prequel series Andor. Read more HERE.

It also looks as though there may be a Nova movie in the works - read more HERE.

And then there was SPACE!

First up were the reports that Space X, the spacefaring company owned by everybody's favourite Bond Villain Elon Musk has tested its "chopsticks" device intended to ensure a soft landing for its massive "Starship" heavy lift rockets. Read more and see a frankly underwhelming video HERE.

Moves are also being made to launch "Starlab" a privately owned and operated Space Station. Read more HERE.

It seems crazy (and it is) but an automotive designer has designed a motorcycle intended for use on the Moon. It will never, ever be built, but it looks really, really cool. Check it out HERE.