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Geeking with Destination Venus Episode #50: The Magnificent Moon Knight!

So. With much sadness and regret we started with the loss of the magnificent talent and all-round good person Jorge Perez.

A picture of the magnificent Jorge Perez smiling at the camera
The magnificent Jorge Perez

We can't even begin to explain how brilliant this artist was. We knew for some time that he was terminally ill and that he would be leaving us - his courage, cheerfulness and stoicism have been an inspiration. But we are still diminished by his passing - the world has become just s little bit less wonderful. He will be very much missed. The sincere condolences of everyone involved with Geeking go out to his family and friends.

Regie then moved on to his review of the Disney+ series Moon Knight. Short version - he loved it and thinks you should probably watch it. For the long version (50+ minutes!) you'll need to listen to the show...

Then Regie moved on to spotting the International Space Station. There are some good opportunities for spotting the ISS coming up in the next week. Get more info on how to see the ISS fly over HERE.


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