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"I walk with monsters..." GATG Thought Bubble Specials #1: Paul Cornell

If Thought Bubble had been able to physically happen Regie would have spend some time running around from table to table grabbing brief interviews with some of the folk exhibiting there. It is of course 2020, so that wasn't possible. But while 2020 brought us disease and lockdown, it also brought us Zoom, so he's taken to the internet to speak to as many people exhibiting in the virtual halls as he can.

First to speak through the miracle of the internet was writer Paul Cornell.

Click on the image below to go to the download page or search for The Geeks at the Gates wherever fine Pods are Casted.

We began by discussing his forthcoming horror comic I walk with Monsters, coming on 25th November from Vault Comics.

This can be ordered from your local comic shop using the Diamond Code SEP201561. We've read issue #1 already. It's awesome.

In our discussion of Paul's comics series Saucer Country/Saucer State mention was made of the footage of UFOs taken by US Military pilots and recently released by the Pentagon. It caused a bit of a stir a few months ago, although it only really amounted to this:

Coverage was pretty sensational, but both Paul and Regie were a little cynical about this. To be clear - there may well be aliens, and the objects in these videos are certainly both flying and unidentified. That doesn't make them alien however. Indeed, if we knew that they were alien, they would no longer be U.F.Os, because we'd have identified them.

Anyway. As Paul gently pointed out, this was very much a digression, and we moved on to discuss his Shadow Police series of novels set in a supernatural London. Books 1-3 available now from your local independent bookshop. We heartily recommend them.

We looked forward to Modern Frankenstein, which Paul is working on with artist Emma Vieceli. We've briefly looked for the list of unethical medical experiments referred to here but decided that there are some things that we don't need to spoiler...

We then briefly celebrated the Abelard Snazz story that Paul has in 2000AD today (if you're reading on day of publication...). Snazz - the man with the multi storey mind - is a classic Tooth' character created by Alan Moore waaaaaaaaay back in the day. More info on him HERE.

Finally, we briefly touched on Doctor Who - clearly a character that Cornell has stepped back from, although he does have a story in the anthology Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown, in aid of Children in Need. Again, available from all good independent bookshops (including us) from 5th November 2020.

You can follow Paul Cornell on Twitter HERE.

For all the latest information on Paul Cornell and his work check out his website