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The Geeks at the Gates Thought Bubble Specials 4: Barking - Chatting with Lucy Sullivan

Regie sat down over Zoom with artist Lucy Sullivan to discuss her graphic novel Barking and her wider comics work. Click on the image below to go to the download page, or search "The Geeks at the Gates" wherever you get your podcasts.

We began by talking about the brilliant graphic novel Barking, which means the conversation does turn towards mental health and the inadequacies of our current over-loaded, under-resourced system.

More information on Barking and most of the other work discussed in this edition can be found at Lucy's website HERE.

We made much of the one page fold out 'zines in the discussion,

Ind-xed with Fraser Campbell

We mentioned Comic Printing UK, the company that prints most of Lucy's work, and rather a lot of the rest of the self published comics in the UK. You can check out their website HERE.

Then, as part of a discussion about the awful coverage of comics in the "mainstream" press Lucy mentioned the graphic novel Laika by Nick Abadzis, which you can find out more about HERE. It's a wonderful book about the Laika, the dog who was - let's not sugar coat it - deliberately killed by the Soviet space programme when she became the first living creature from Earth to go to space, and also the first creature from Earth to die in space. (Yes, I'm a space geek, and I have strong feelings about Laika, and about Ham and Enos, the Chimpanzees sent into space by N.A.S.A.)

Anyway. Animal rights in space is also outside our remit here, so we'll move on to the name of the director working on bringing Abadzis' book to the screen. Lucy couldn't remember his name during the conversation, so as promised I'm happy to confirm that the director in question is Asif Kapadia.

As the conversation widened into a discussion of the merch we love to buy at Thought Bubble, Lucy mentioned the "Of course I'm drunk! It's 2020!" pin she bought online from the wonderful Rachael Smith. Regular listeners will remember that our interview with Rachael back in Episode 57 of The Geeks at the Gates had the same title. You can buy the pin, and other stuff by Rachael Smith HERE.