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"What's on the Rack?" New Comic Book Day 22nd February 2023

So, what's coming in for the last rack of February? Click on our cover of the month below to browse the whole rack online, or scroll on down to see the first issues and other highlights - including the return of Captain Britain and some non-fiction UFO shenanagins.



THE CAPTAIN COMES HOME! And she's got a whole new mission!

With Otherworld settled, Braddock Manor restored, and her brother Captain Avalon at her side, you'd think things look pretty good for Betsy Braddock. Only it turns out, good ole Britain doesn't want her back.

No one wants a mutant menace carrying the shield of Captain Britain, and Betsy's made more than a few enemies along her way. Quest-less and country-less, Betsy must define a role for herself.

A fresh take on a beloved character, don't miss the latest Tini Howard extravaganza and fan-favorite artist Vasco Georgiev's Marvel debut!

Rated T+