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The Wednesday Waffle - Issue Eighteen: Getting technical

I don't claim to be an expert on the theory of comics - and I'm certinaly not an artist. But I'm a geek and I find this stuff fascinationg - and you can't hang around comics for as many years as I have without picking a few things up, and since we're making a big push to introduce comics to new readers (and want to encourage people to make thier own), I figured now might be a good time to look at some techniques. That's right. More than anything we want to get you started making your own comics, but we understand that this can be a daunting prospect. So. We figure we should show you some of the basic tools that will help you get your ideas out of your head and on to paper. Let's start with s

The Geeks at the Gates Podcast: Episode 28 - "Farm Ex Machina", The Doctor Who Series 11 o

Regie, Hat and Steve continue their conversation about the eleventh series of modern Doctor Who. Click on the image beloe to go to the download page at SoundCloud, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates wherever you get your podcasts. So, we weren't sure what the cave dwelling dude in the "Scandi Dad" episode (It takes you away) was called. We checked. He was officially called "Ribbons". Regie may well have clensed the name of the wroter of "Kerblam" from his mind with bleach, but we can tell you that it was in fact a bloke called Pete McTighe, who had not written for Doctor Who before, but who does have a decent number of screen writing credits behind him - mostly Neighbours, Prisoner Cell

The Geeks at the Gates: Episode 27 - Doctor Who Season 11 Overview

Happy New Year! The Geeks are back and keen to have a natter about Series Eleven of Doctor Who. We know what they thought of the first half, but what about the series overall? Click on the image to go to the download page, or subscribe to The Geeks at the Gates Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. If you're a fan of Doctor Who, there are a couple of podcasts that Regie mentioned that he reckons you should listen to. You can find the Verity Podcast here, and Radio Free Skaro here. Regie mentioned that new showrunner Chris Chibnall went on Channel 4's Right to Reply programme to complain about Doctor Who. This is because Regie is an idiot. Chibnall actually appeared on the show "Open Air" i

The Wednesday Waffle: Episode Seventeen - Still to come in 2019...

So, last week we scratched the surface of things to come from Marvel Comics. Now, let's take a look at the Distinguished Competition... Well, first up from DC, and only a few short weeks away we have a new Batman/Flash crossover as together they take on The Last Cold Case. Now, the last time they did this with The Button they caused us no end of trouble with copies not arriving and people not realising the story was spread across two books. We hope we've learned from that mistake, but if you normally read one title and not the other, and you want the whole crossover, be sure and let us know. That bit of housekeeping aside, why should we all be excited for this? Well, in the wake of Heroes in

The Wednesday Waffle: Issue Sixteen - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Destination Venus. Time to look forward to some of the delights coming our way in 2019 - because there's a LOT to come. Right off the bat we'd like to wish Saucer Award Winning Major Publisher Marvel Comics a very happy eightieth year. They have a lot of very cool stuff lined up for us, so let's have a wee look at what's on offer... We'll start with the long awaited return of a character that we first remember from the late eighties, but who was the surprise hit of last year's best* comic book movie. That's right, True Believers - Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham will be coming back into print this year! Sadly, there's no word on actual

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