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The Geeks at the Gates: Episode 27 - Doctor Who Season 11 Overview

Happy New Year! The Geeks are back and keen to have a natter about Series Eleven of Doctor Who. We know what they thought of the first half, but what about the series overall?

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If you're a fan of Doctor Who, there are a couple of podcasts that Regie mentioned that he reckons you should listen to. You can find the Verity Podcast here, and Radio Free Skaro here.

Regie mentioned that new showrunner Chris Chibnall went on Channel 4's Right to Reply programme to complain about Doctor Who. This is because Regie is an idiot. Chibnall actually appeared on the show "Open Air" in 1986. You can watch it on YouTube here.

Mention is also made of "Chekhov's Mcrowave", an oh-so-clever reference to the story writing rule known as "Chekhov's Gun". If you bunked off media studies in school and have no idea what they were on about, there's a good explaination of the idea here. (Oh, and although it didn't come up during the recording, although Regie knew what it was, he thought it was a reference to Chekhov in Star Trek, not to the great Russian writer...)

Rather a short one this week, but we got to a point where it made sense to stop, so next week's is likely to be a bit longer than usual...

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