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The Geeks at the Gates Podcast: Episode 26 - Go into the Spiderverse

The Geeks (it was supposed to be loads of them, in the end it was Hat, Regie and new Geek Liz...) went to see Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse then immediately went back to the old shop to explain why you should too. Click the image below to go to the download page at SoundCloud, or find The Geeks at the Gates Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

Full show notes below the image. Thanks for listening!

OK - first note. Both Regie and Hat say that "old" Spider-Man was played by Nicholas Cage. Chalk it up to the fact that Regie is very old and they are both terrible with names. "Old" Peter Parker was played by Jake Johnson. Nic Cage played Spider-Noir. (And both of them missed the fact that "blonde Peter Parker", who is the Spider-Man from Miles's universe is played by Chris "Captain Kirk" Pine...)

And just to prove that they're terrible at names, Regie and Hat go on to be unsure what Miles's uncle is called. They're pretty sure it's "Uncle Aaron", and for once, they're right, Uncle Aaron played by Mahershala Ali.

If you're interested in the process behind the movie, there's a really good Den of Geek article here.

The Geeks at the Gate Podcast is a copyright feature of Venus Rising Media. All rights are reserved.

The The Geeks at the Gates podcast features music composed and performed by Steven G. Saunders.

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